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Payroll Register Report

This report displays a complete summary of the payroll activity and wage amounts for each employee, for a specific pay period. Basic information is included such as the number of hours that each employee has worked, their gross pay, net pay, deductions, and the pay period dates.

Detailed information is also included such as each employee's Start Date and Birth Dates, Distribution (Department), Taxable earnings, EI Insurable Hours, and more. The report is useful to verify the accuracy of the current payroll calculations, and to provide a historical record for a given pay period.

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Section 1: Payroll Details

The top rows of the report displays the Payroll Name, Company Name, and the Sub Group (if you are using the Sort feature) as defined in the various setup screens when the payroll was created. Further details for the current pay period include:

Section 2: Employee Details

This section of the report displays the details for each of your active employees. The employees are ordered by their Surname by default (this setting can be changed in the Payroll Processing - Reports screen's Order cell).

Section 3: Period Totals

This section of the report displays the current period totals for a variety of payroll items.

Section 4: CRA Remittance Information

This section of the report displays the information needed to make your remittances to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Reduced Rate Section - If your payroll uses a reduced rate, this section will show the "reduced rate" account totals for the same items as described above.

Interim Watermark - If you generate this report for a payroll that is not yet closed, the word "Interim" appears as a watermark in the background. This watermark will be removed once the payroll is closed.

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