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Cheque Register Report

This report lists all cheques and EFTs issued during the last pay calculation. This includes employees who have been paid using the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) feature. Note: If you do not print cheques or create an EFT file, this report will not break down employee amounts (because it requires a cheque number or a bank number to assign the amounts to this register).

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Section 1: Payroll Details

The top rows of the report displays the Payroll Name and Company Name as defined in the various setup screens when the payroll was created. Further details for the current pay period include:

Section 2: Cheque Details

This section of the report displays the details for each employee cheque/EFT. The employees are ordered by their Surname by default (this setting can be changed in the Payroll Processing - Reports screen's Order cell).

Section 3: Totals

This section of the report displays the current period totals for the cheque/EFT items.

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