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This screen provides a series of tools that allow you to perform important administrative operations such as performing a payroll backup and restore procedure, and assigning a logo/banner for branding purposes.

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Common Buttons

Visit the Button Descriptions help page to view detailed descriptions of each button that appears on your screen (whether in the Button Bar at the top of the table, or in the table itself). Note: If a button is unavailable (i.e. its text appears in Gray), either the command is not applicable to the current screen, or its function has already been applied (e.g. you clicked the New button for an item that can only be added one time).

Sample command buttons

The following section of this help page describes the various columns that can appear in the main table on this screen. If you see a column description below that does not appear on your screen, you can add the column to your view by using the Customize option under the Views button (located at the left side of the screen just above the table). Refer to the Customize View help page for more help on this feature.


Backup - This button allows you to create a backup file that contains your complete company database. This includes the information from all program modules (Payroll, HR, Recruitment, etc.), and all of the necessary data required to restore your data to the last program state when the backup was created.

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Choosing the button initiates the backup procedure and a .DAT file is created immediately. Depending on your browser settings, the file will either be stored in your Downloads folder or you may be presented with a window that will prompt you where to save the file. This file can be stored in a secure location for future use in the event that a complete database restore is needed.

The .DAT file is prefixed with the payroll's previous closing date, payroll run type, and various other identifiers as follows:

Backup file naming convention


Restore - This button allows you to reload or restore a payroll database file to the last current state as defined in a backup .DAT file. Choosing the button opens the Restore Employer Data page, where you can choose the location of your backup .DAT file.

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CAUTION: Restoring your company database will replace the data for all program modules. This includes any changes made in all other tabs since the last backup (e.g. HR, Recruitment, Employer - not just the Payroll module). As such, the restore procedure should be used as a last resort only after you have considered other alternatives (such as the Un-Close payroll command or Reversal Pay option).

Additional Restore Procedure Notes:


This button allows you to specify a logo image that will appear at the top of the Pay Statements (Pressure Seal) report.

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This button allows you to specify a banner image that will appear at the top of your Recruitment web page.

Tutorial on adding a banner in eNETEmployer View a step-by-step tutorial on this feature

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