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Admin Tools (Employer Tab)

This screen provides a series of tools that allow you to perform important administrative operations such as performing a payroll backup and restore procedure.

Common Buttons (All Screens)

The following buttons appear on all program screens - click a button to view its help description. Note: If a button's text appears in a Grey color, the command is not applicable to the current page or its function has already been applied.

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Context-Specific Buttons (Unique to This Page)

Backup - This button allows you to create a backup file that contains your complete payroll database. This includes the payroll, company information, employee information and all the necessary data required to restore you to the last saved program state. Choosing the button initiates the backup procedure and a .DAT file is created. Depending on your browser settings, the file will either be stored in your Downloads folder or you may be presented with a window that will prompt you where to save the file. This file can be stored in a secure location for future use in the event that a complete database restore is needed.

The .DAT file is prefixed with the payroll's previous closing date, payroll run type, and various other identifiers as follows:

Backup file naming convention

Restore - This button allows you to reload or restore a payroll database file to the last current state as defined in a backup .DAT file. Choosing the button opens the Restore Employer Data page, where you can choose the location of your backup .DAT file.

Additional Restore Procedure Notes

Restore Times - Restoring a payroll database can take a reasonable amount of time, depending on the size of your payroll. To ensure data integrity, this operation should be used in special cases and in conjunction with a CPS support technician. After successfully restoring the data you must logout and close the browser to start a new session.

Record Keeping - The Restore option does not provide a record of the procedure itself. Therefore, if your company's methodology requires an accurate record of every payroll transaction and its accompanying reason, you may wish to use the pay sequence's Description cell to indicate that the pay run was restored (and include a basic reason if necessary).