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Workers' Compensation (WCB)

This report lists the WCB Maximum Assessable Earnings, employee's assigned WCB rate, WCB assessable earnings and the WCB premiums for each employee. Due on or before the end of February each year, the report can be submitted to the appropriate WCB department in your province.

Though each province has specific requirements as to which earnings and benefits are subject to the WCB assessment, typically any amount that would appear in Box 14 of the T4 would be included in this report. Some provinces require that a report be prepared monthly and submitted with the monthly payment. eNETEmployer distributes WCB costs to the departments in which an employee works.

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Section 1: Payroll and Company Details

The top rows of the report displays the Payroll Name and Company Name as defined in the various setup screens when the payroll was created. Further details for the current pay period include:

Section 2: Details by Province

This section of the report displays the WCB details for each employee, with each section sorted by their assigned WCB Province.

The totals for each employee's Earnings, Assessable amounts, and WCB Amounts (premiums) are listed at the bottom of the report.

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