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The Year End Process Overview

Outlined below are the step-by-step procedures required to complete your payroll year-end. The process will begin with the creation of a year-end record that contains the information needed to generate each employee's individual T4, T4A, Releve1 and other forms. After the file is created, you can perform manual edits as needed before creating the XML file for submission to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The Year-End Process - Step-By-Step

The year-end process can completed using the steps shown below. The steps are shown in the suggested order for optimal work flow.

  1. Create the year-end settings file
  2. Generate the T4s
  3. Edit the T4s (optional)
  4. Fix CPP/EI mismatches (optional)
  5. Create the XML T4/T4A data file
  6. Submit the XML file to the CRA

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