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Employee Self-Service User Accounts Overview

eNETEmployer allows administrators to create self-service user accounts for any or all employees. These accounts have limited privileges, allowing employees to view their pay stubs, T4s, and to edit their address and basic personal information. Self-service accounts can be created from multiple areas in the program - for single employees at a time, or for all employees at once.

When you generate a self-service account, the employee is sent an email that includes their login details and helpful links on how to use their account. Self-service accounts can only be created for employees who have a valid email address.

Managing User Logins - Companies who manage their own payroll are responsible for working with employees who need assistance with their individual self-service user accounts. Since each employee will receive an automated greeting when their account is created, we recommend that you notify your staff of this forthcoming email before you create their user accounts. You may even include links to the employee-related tutorials so that they are prepared for their first login.

Self-Service Account Basics

For Administrators:

For Employees:

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