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Record of Employment (ROE) Overview

eNETEmployer allows you to create electronic and paper-based versions of an employee's Record Of Employment (ROE). An ROE contains the relevant employee details and payment history that is needed to determine an employee's Employment Insurance (EI) benefits. ROEs must be filed when an employee leaves a job or an interruption of earning occurs. ROE are used to determine an employee's eligibility for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits.

When to Issue ROE's - You must issue an ROE for an employee each time they experience an interruption of earnings; or when Service Canada requests one. Generally speaking, you would issue ROE's under any of the following circumstances:

  1. An employee is going on leave, or is ceasing work entirely.
  2. You are changing payroll providers.
  3. You are changing the payroll frequency.
  4. You are changing your company's Business Number.

In each of these cases, you would set each employee's status to Terminated so that you can issue the ROE accordingly. In cases where the employees will continue working at the same company (like a Business Number or pay frequency change), you would set each employee's status back to Active for the subsequent pay cycle.

Note: Some of the above examples provide exceptions that may negate having to create an ROE. Please refer to the Government of Canada's website page on ROE's for detailed information.

ROE Basics

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