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Canada Savings Bonds (CSB) - (Payroll Tab)

The following step is optional - If your employees do not do pay into the Canada Savings Bond program, then you can skip this screen.

This screen allows you to specify the settings that will be used to create an EFT file containing the Canada Savings Bond (CSB) deduction information for your employees. At each payroll date, deductions will be made from the pay of each participating employee and the resulting electronic file can then be transmitted to the Bank of Canada. The file will contain the pay date, summary information and the deduction amount for each employee.

Tutorial on Canada Savings Bonds in eNETEmployer
Online Tutorial

Note: Use of this feature requires that your company is enrolled in the CRA's Payroll Savings Program. It is important that each employee's purchase data is transmitted in a timely fashion since the contributions are dated as of the day the Bank of Canada receives the employees' payroll deductions from the employer. Visit the Canada Savings Bonds page on the CRA website for more details about the program.

Common Buttons

Visit the Button Descriptions help page to view detailed descriptions of every button that appears on your screen (whether in the Button Bar at the top of the table, or in the table itself). Note: If a button's text appears in a Grey color, either the command is not applicable to the current page, or its function has already been applied (e.g. some items can only be added once, therefore the New button will be unavailable on certain screens after it is used).

Sample command buttons

The following section displays help for the various cells and columns shown in the main table on this screen. If you see a help description on this page for a column that does not appear on your screen, you can add the additional column to your view by using the Customize option under the Views button (located at the left side of the screen just above the main table). Refer to the Customize View help page for more help on this feature.


This button allows you to view a list of changes that have been made to the current item. Choosing the button opens the Audit History window where item changes are shown in colored text. Note: Audit History is a developing feature and subject to updates as new functionality is added.

Confirmation Options

Use this cell to specify the method that the CRA will use when they send out the notification that the transmitted file was received or rejected. The options are as follows:

Creation Number

Use this cell to enter a unique number for this specific transmission. This will help to avoid duplicate transmissions from being processed.


Use this cell to specify the deductions that will be used when calculating the CSB file. Editing the cell displays a drop-down menu where you can choose various options that may be assigned via its corresponding checkbox. The options in this list are comprised of deductions that have been entered in the Deductions screen. The menu also includes a search box at the top where you can type in a word (or words) and have matching items displayed quickly in the list.


Use this cell to enter the email address that will be used when the CRA sends out its transmission acceptance or rejection notifications. This email address will be used only if the Email option is selected in the Confirmation Options cell.

Valid email addresses, such as are made up of the name, followed by the @ symbol, followed by a domain. The domain part is not case-sensitive, but the name portion may be, depending on the persons email server settings. Underscores and hyphens are permitted, but other special characters (e.g. #, $, !, quotes and spaces) are not.


Use this cell to specify whether the CSB transmission is to be processed with the current pay run. Editing the cell will display a checkbox where you can specify the two available options: Yes (the CSB will be processed with the pay run) or No (the CSB will not be processed with the pay run and no transmission will be sent).


Use this cell to enter the fax number that will be used when the CRA sends out its transmission acceptance or rejection notifications. This fax number will be used only if the Fax option is selected in the Confirmation Options cell.

Organization ID

A unique five-digit number allocated to each participating organization to identify the employer who is forwarding the deductions on behalf of employees. This ID is provided to you by the Bank of Canada during the Payroll Savings Program application process.

Organization Site

If your company has multiple payroll systems or multiple locations and you wish to transmit a CSB file for each, use this cell to distinguish each CSB transmission site. For single-location transmissions, this value can be set at 001.

Payment Type

This field indicates if the transmission includes a single payment only (signified by the letter "T") or if individual payments are to be made for each batch (signified by the letter "B"). This cell is uneditable and is set to transmission type "T" (the program does not currently support the Batch method ("B").


Use this cell to enter a unique Transmission ID for this specific transmission. This will help to avoid duplicate transmissions being processed. Each transmission ID will be edited to ensure uniqueness in combination with your Organization ID. You may wish to start at AAA00001 or 00000001 and increment by one (1) for each subsequent transmission. The transmission ID must contain three alphanumeric (letter or number) characters followed by five digits. Some employers choose to use this ID to distinguish an Organization Site (first three characters) and the Transmission Number (five digits). The intention of this field is to provide uniqueness for each file. This enables employers with multiple sites or multiple payroll transmissions, to use a single pay period and transmission. The Bank of Canada's automated system will ensure that the transmission ID is unique for any transmission - a duplicate transmission ID number will cause your file to be rejected.

Transmitter Reference

This cell is used to identify the transmission and will be included in any confirmations you receive from the CRA. You can use any combination of letters or numbers up to 30 characters in length. If you do not require such identification, the field should be filled with 30-space characters.