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HR Leaves (HR Tab)

Use this screen to create records that can track all types of employee leaves such as vacation, medical, parental, bereavement, and much more. Leave tracking helps to ensure that you always have available staff for a shift and that employee time off is recorded correctly.

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Common Buttons

Visit the Button Descriptions help page to view detailed descriptions of each button that appears on your screen (whether in the Button Bar at the top of the table, or in the table itself). Note: If a button's text appears in a Grey color, either the command is not applicable to the current screen, or its function has already been applied (e.g. some items can only be added once, therefore the New button will be unavailable on certain screens after it is used).

Sample command buttons

The following section displays help for the various cells and columns shown in the main table on this screen. If you see a help description on this page for a column that does not appear on your screen, you can add the additional column to your view by using the Customize option under the Views button (located at the left side of the screen just above the main table). Refer to the Customize View help page for more help on this feature.

# (Number)

Use this cell to enter a number that will uniquely identify the leave. The number can be used to as a reference to this leave when sorting items on this screen and also for reporting purposes.


Use this cell to enter a brief description of the leave. For example: "Parental leave - Pat Jones".


Use this cell to enter details that describe the leave. Selecting the link opens the Leave Description Details window where you can enter the details as needed. You can also paste content into the window from another program (word processor, email, etc.).


This cell is used to upload and manage documents that relate to the current row item. This can include PDFs, word processing documents, spreadsheets, images and so on.

Manage - Choose this button to open the Documents window that allows you to manage the documents that are associated with this item. You can use the various options in the window to add, view, and remove documents. Each time you add a document, the name of the file will appear in the window's table, along with the date and time it was added.

The table in the center of the window display the names of each file that currently resides in the management window. To select a file for viewing or removal, simply click on its name.


Use this cell to enter the name of the leave. The name should be unique and descriptive as it will appear on various screens and reports throughout the program.