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Available for employee self-service accounts only, this screen is used to review your T4A information.

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Common Buttons

Visit the Button Descriptions help page to view detailed descriptions of each button that appears on your screen (whether in the Button Bar at the top of the table, or in the table itself). Note: If a button is unavailable (i.e. its text appears in Gray), either the command is not applicable to the current screen, or its function has already been applied (e.g. you clicked the New button for an item that can only be added one time).

Sample command buttons

The following section of this help page describes the various columns that can appear in the main table on this screen. If you see a column description below that does not appear on your screen, you can add the column to your view by using the Customize option under the Views button (located at the left side of the screen just above the table). Refer to the Customize View help page for more help on this feature.


Download - This button allows you to produce the T4A in PDF format. When you click the button, the program will create a PDF file and store it on your computer. Depending on your browser settings, any of the following three may occur; 1) the PDF file may open in a window for you to view, 2) the file may be sent to your Downloads folder where you can access it for viewing, 3) you may be presented with a window that will prompt you where to save the file.


View - This button allows you to view the T4A information in a pop-up window without having to produce a PDF in advance. The window provides a number of useful viewing options such as a text search, zoom, print and more.

Last Year

This undeditable cell indicates if the T4A was generated for the previous year. The two available states are Yes (the T4A was generated for the previous year) or No (the T4A was generated for a year that was earlier than the previous year). This option is provided for sorting purposes so that you can easily view your T4A's by their year, as opposed to scrolling through multiple rows of historical T4A's.


This cell displays year on which the current T4A is based. This year cannot be edited and is determined at the time the T4A is created by your payroll administrator.