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This screen is optional - This screen is not required to perform the payroll procedure. If your company has only one operating division, or if you do not wish to use the Divisions feature, you can skip this screen.

If your company is made up of more than one distinct operating part (sometimes referred to as a Business Division), you can use this screen to define its structure. Once you designate one or more divisions in eNETEmployer, you can group employees into each division for administrative and reporting purposes. For example, if you have two company divisions entitled "Business" and "R&D", you can use the Payroll Processing - Reports screen to generate various documents that report on each specific division.

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Common Buttons

Visit the Button Descriptions help page to view detailed descriptions of each button that appears on your screen (whether in the Button Bar at the top of the table, or in the table itself). Note: If a button is unavailable (i.e. its text appears in Gray), either the command is not applicable to the current screen, or its function has already been applied (e.g. you clicked the New button for an item that can only be added one time).

Sample command buttons

The following section of this help page describes the various columns that can appear in the main table on this screen. If you see a column description below that does not appear on your screen, you can add the column to your view by using the Customize option under the Views button (located at the left side of the screen just above the table). Refer to the Customize View help page for more help on this feature.


Use this cell to enter a detailed description of the division, such as its role in the organization.


Use this cell to specify the employee who controls the division, from a management perspective. Editing the cell displays a drop-down menu of current payroll employees, one of which who may be assigned via his/her corresponding checkbox. The menu also includes a search box at the top where you can type in a word (or words) and have matching employees displayed quickly in the list.


Use this cell to enter the name of the division. The name shown here will appear on various screens and reports throughout the program.


Use this cell to specify the division that is considered to be in control of the current division, from a company hierarchy perspective. Editing the cell displays a drop-down menu showing existing divisions in the payroll.