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Defining Provincial Health Settings

For this tutorial, we will enter your company's Provincial Health rates. eNETEmployer requires these rates in order to calculate the remittance amounts that fund your provincially-regulated health plan.

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To Define Provincial Health Settings for Your Payroll:

  1. Choose the Current Payroll - Health menu command to open the Provincial Health screen. This screen is used to define your province's health rate so that eNETEmployer can allocate the cost of provincial health to all the areas that your employees have worked. Entering the rate will also provide you with a reporting method for the province(s) you maintain for employment purposes.
  2. Health Help page...

  3. Choose your province from the drop down list beside the New button, and then select the button to insert a new provincial health row into the table.
  4. Edit the various cells as needed as they relate to your region's provincial health settings (using the Online Help system if you need to look up a definition for the various cells).
  5. If your business has more than one account, use the New button to add another account type along with its pertinent information.
    Example: In our example, we have defined a provincial health record for Manitoba. Its premium rate is set to 2.15% of the employees applicable earnings (as shown in the Earnings column).

    Province Enable Rate Earnings Benefits
    Manitoba Yes 2.15% Statutory Pay, Salary, Overtime, Vacation, Double Time, Regular -
    Fig. 01: The Health screen with completed sample data
    Fig. 01: The Health screen with completed sample data.
  6. Once your data is complete, select the Save icon for each row (the check mark icon at the left side of the row). This accepts the changes and the Edit Mode icons are removed to indicate that the entire row has been saved. You can also choose the Save button from the Button Bar above the table.

    This completes the tutorial on defining your company's provincial health settings.
  7. Note: If you are working through the payroll setup process in order, you will need to continue through the Payroll menu to finish entering the data that is required for your particular payroll.

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