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Customize View

Customize View ( row display control ) - This button allows you to choose from a set of pre-defined and user-defined column sets (known as "Views") that have been created using the Customize View feature. This feature allows you to organize and save a defined set of columns from those available on each program screen. Once the data columns have been saved, they are known collectively as a "View". Customizing the column view to meet your company's specific requirements is very useful in that it removes redundant data columns and presents you with only those pertain to your payroll structure.

Customized View Example - Let's say you need to create a customized view to speed up the hours entry process. Rather than bypassing many fields that do not pertain to your company, you would simply create a view that showed only the columns of data that your company requires. You would save this customized view and name it accordingly (e.g. "Quick Entry"). Now when you select the Customize View icon, your customized option will appear in the drop down menu. When you choose your view option, the button will be labeled accordingly to show you which view is currently being presented. The image below shows a customized view we entitled "Quick Entry".

customized view button example

To Create a Customized View

  1. Choose the Customize View button from the button bar to open the Customize View window. The top of the window populates the Customization Name field with a default name for pending customized view. Use this field to define a name for the view that will make it easy for you to recognize in a list of other views.
  2. Populate the Visible Columns section with the data columns you wish to include in your view. To move a data column from one section to another, simply click on a name, then drag and drop it as needed. You can also use the set of Arrow icons located in the center of the window to move items from one column to another. The single-directional arrows will move the selected item to the opposing column. The arrows with a vertical line will move the entire set of items to the opposing column.
  3. Use the set of Arrow icons located at the top of the Visible Columns section to further sort your columns from top to bottom. The single-directional arrows will move the selected item up or down by one level. The arrows with a vertical line will move the item to the very top or bottom of the list.
  4. Once you have defined your column view, select the Save button. This will close the window and return you to the original program screen. The column view will update according to the new columns you have defined.

To Change the Customized View

  1. Each table in the program contains a View button ( row display control ) at the top. When you select this button, you are presented with a drop down list that contains a set of pre-defined and customized views.
  2. Choose the desired view from the list and the table will update accordingly based on the columns defined in the chosen view.

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Other Saved Options - In addition to saving your column choices, the Customize View feature also stores the state of the following three items:

  • Sort Order - If you have arranged your data using the Sort icons at the top of each column ( sort icons ), saving a customized view will store the sort settings so that each time you activate the view, the columns will be sorted accordingly.
  • Data Filter - If you have constrained your data view using the Filter icons at the top of each column ( filter icons ), saving a customized view will store the filter settings.
  • Column Order - If you have arranged your columns in a certain order (in the Customized View window), saving a customized view will store the column order along with the columns in your customized view.